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My name is Joanna Starling and my Love Affair started with the Black Russian Terrier started in 2012, purchasing my first Black Russian Terrier in 2013!

I purchased my first Black Russian Terrier in 2013. His name is Charlie and he became a Supreme Champion at around 4 Years Old! Only 2 other BRT's have ever achieved this Title before him in Australia, he was the third! Charlie is also a Best In Show Winner! 

We accomplished this through sheer hard work, perseverance, determination and belief in this wonderful Breed!  

I have worked tirelessly to Promote the Black Russian Terrier Breed in Australia through Conformation Showing, talking to potential gfuture owners and encouraging Trainee Judges to examine my beautiful Dogs at every opportunity so they learn more about the Breed!

Black Russian Terriers are a relatively "Young" Breed in Australia so we are still trying to establish the Breed and educate both Judges and exhibitors! The lack of understanding and knowledge can be frustrating but we persevere to ensure the future of the Breed will be embedded in the Australian Dog World.

When we decided to Breed we knew right away that we would opt to import a female in order to add to the already small gene pool and to add size back into the Breed. We were lucky enough to obtain our first imported Bitch from the World renowned Medvezhya Staya Kennel in Russia! It was a long process due to the strict quarantine rules here in Australia but soon we had Zsa Zsa - Australia Grand Champion Medvezhya Staya Ekaterina Velikaya (IMP RUS) arrived! She made waves and was an Australian Champion within 4 Months of starting her show career! 

Black Rheign's Stance on Health Testing is this, as an Ethical Breeder you have a duty of care to your Puppy Buyers to Health Test both Sire & Dam before beginning a Breeding Program. In my honest opinion, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE given the Technology available,

NOT to HEALTH TEST! As someone associated with an Australian Breeder said, they believe that any Breeder Health Testing is Manipulating their Prospective Puppy Buyers, what an Ignorant and Arrogant attitute, Its NOT Manipulating your Puppy Buyers it is Educating them. Some Breeders and Their Supporters put Blinkers on when it comes to Health Testing, we DO NOT subscribe to these Bully Tactics and disgraceful rhetoric. As a young Breed BRT's have many issues coming up. Why Hide The Issues?


JLPP (FATAL) - JUVENILE LARYNGEAL PARALYSIS & POLYNEUROPATHY - a neurological disorder affecting the ability to Swallow Food, Breathe and evatually Walk.

HU - HYPERURICOSURIA - a disorder resulting in excessively high amounts or Uric Acid in the dogs urine potentially resulting in Kidney & Bladder stones as well as Cystitis.

Renal Dysplasia - Recently we have been informed by Puppy Owners that their Pups are either dying and unfortunately one has died at 10 months, all coming from the Same BRT Kennel! All had Stage 4 Kidney Failure, either as a result of been HU Affected (Potentially had something to do with it) or Renal Dysplasia which is a Hereditary Disease and is Fatal, Horribly Painful Condition and the Pup dies by the time it is 12 to 24 months old! 

HD - HIP DYSPLASIA - An abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints.

ED - ELBOW DYSPLASIA - A condition caused by the abnormal growth of cells, tissue and bone. It may result in malformation and degeneration of the elbow joint resulting in lamness and painful arthritis of the joints.

DO NOT accept the excuse that a Breeder has "Never Had It In Their Lines". Breeders breeding blindly and without Health Testing are potentially breeding problems for their Puppies and their Puppy Owners. I know, for example that a JLPP Litter was bred in Australia. Sadly I witnessed the suffering the Puppy endured prior to it being euthanised. It was distressing for me to watch this Puppy suffer!

 More and more BRT's are being reported as suffering from Auto Immune Disorders, Addisons Disease, Entropian, Epilepsy, Severe HD & ED and HU.

The BRTCA the Black Russian Terrier Club of America has this current information on HU - PLEASE familarise yourself with this condition and take the time to read the information on this Website!

Ethical Breeders will only breed

Clear to Clear or Clear to Carrier

If a Breeder is Breeding Carrier to Carrier or Affected to Carrier you really need to ask them why? I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to have a full health picture of the Parents of any Puppy you are considering purchasing. HU is still considered a problem within the BRT Breed and can cause catastophic damage to the kidneys of Affected Dogs furthermore HU can cause serious and sometimes Life-Threatening Symptoms which may hugely impact the quality of life of the dog and potentially shorten their lifespan. I URGE you to please spend a few minutes reading the link to the Study at UC Davis below.




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