Who We Are

My name is Joanna Starling and my Love Affair started with the Black Russian Terrier in 2012, purchasing my first Black Russian Terrier in 2013!

His name is Charlie - BIS Supreme Champion Yarrawon Prinz (The First Supreme Champion for the Yarrawon Kennels) I achieved this through sheer work and determination and belief in the Breed!  

I have worked tirelessly to Promote the Black Russian Breed in Australia, whether through Showing, allowing Trainee Judges to Go Over my beautiful Dogs at any chance so the can learn more about the breed! 

Black Russian Terriers are a Fairly Young Breed in Australia so we’re still trying to establish the. Breed! It’s not easy, you sometimes only find frustration at the lack of knowledge here in Australia and From overseas Judges! 

When we decided to Breed we knew right away that we would not be purchasing a female in Australia as we found that they were not what we wanted and often very small in stature! We were lucky enough to Obtain our First Imported Bitch from the World Renowned Kennels Medvezhya Staya in Russia! It was a long road due to the strict Quarantine rules here in Australia but we had Zsa Zsa - Australia Champion Medvezhya Staya Ekaterina Velikaya (IMP RUS) soon at home! She was an Australian Champion within  4 Months of starting her show career! 


We had had our first “A” Litter in December 2017

Charlie x Zsa Zsa 

Contact Details

Joanna Starling

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Vermont Victoria 3133

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