The BRT & Temperament

Temperament & The Black Russian Terrier

Unfortunately With more and more Feedback from the General Public and New Puppy Owners of Black Russian Terriers that are having issues with Temperament, we are extremnely careful when Breeding to ensure we are matching complimentary Temperaments of Sire and Dam to ensure Puppies are well adjusted and have stable, solid temperaments.

We handle & socialise all Puppies from Birth and we work non stop with our puppies to ensure they are raised to be Solid Good Canine Citizens and excellent family members. We will not Breed with any dogs with Questionable Temperaments.

We are more than happy with the permission of our Puppy Owners ONLY to give their Numbers to any perspective buyers so they can have a chat to Owners that have our Puppies so they can hear for themsleves what should be expected from a Black Rheign Puppy.

It should also be said Owners do have a responsibility to raise and socialise a BRT the correct way. There have been many instances that we have heard of where Puppies have gone onto new homes, that end up with severe Temperament Problems because of lack of understanding from the new owners, lack of training, lack of socilaisation, new owners leaving puppies to their own devices (thrown into a backyard with no contact or rarely any contact) these situations are not ideal for any dog let alone a BRT which is a very family orientated Breed. If you think you will not be able to provide a BRT Puppy with stimulation, socialisation, treat them as part of the family, training and generally a great deal of attention, this is not the breed for you.

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