New Enquiries - The Process

We thank everyone for taking the time to Contact us, we understand that everyone leads a busy lifestyle as do we. We try and answer all Enquiries within 48 hours, however due to work and life, sometimes emails may be overlooked, so for that we are terribly sorry! 

When enquiring about a BRT Puppy please do your own research, contact many Breeders and then decide for your self who you feel most comfortable with, dont just go with a Breeder just because you are desperate for a BRT Puppy and they are the only ones at the time that have them. Believe me we have seen the Outcomes of these kind of situations here in Australia and they are not good.

We cannot stress enough of the importance in getting familiar with the problems that BRT's can suffer from and try to keep clear of these issues. Talk to your chosen Breeder for more information about this. Make sure that you enquire about Health Testing, if your chosen Breeder does not believe in Health Testing, I would walk away! There is no excuse in this day and age not to Health Test!

What we are seeing popping up more and more in Lines in Australia is Addissons Diseases, Autoimmune Disorders, early on set of Cancer, Puppies born affected with JLPP, Affected HU dogs, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Entropian, Bad Temperaments and many more issues. We know that nothing is perfect and sometimes no matter how hard we try things will still go wrong, however Health Testing should be apart of any Ethical Breeders Motas Operandi.

When you do contact us please let us know a little about yourself, your needs and what you are looking for, whether you want a potential show dog, working dog or a pet we can help you find the Pup that is right for you.

All our Puppies will be sold on a Contract, however we do not impose ridiculous rules and impositions, as some Breeders do. We do contracts to purely protect our beautiful Pups, nothing more, nothing less.

We do not recommend a BRT for inexperienced owners, they are not for everyone! No matter how much you want one sometimes it is better to let go of the desire and go for a breed that is better suited to your lifestyle. If you cannot guarantee that your BRT will be indoors 85% of the time, if you cannot guarantee your BRT will be groomed atleast every 6 Weeks at Minimum, if you cannot guarantee that your BRT will be socialised and fully trained it may not be the Breed for you.

Before we will even consider a new family we require a Puppy Questionnaire to be fully filled out, once a family has been approved to own one of our beautiful puppies we will also require 3 References! This is not negotiable! 

Our main concern is the Puppy, nothing More! We have to be 110% sure we are putting our puppies in the correct homes! Always! 

If you are not prepared to work with us, we understand and there are other Breeders out there that may be more suitable for your needs. 

We will treat you as part of our extended family, and will be there for you 24/7!  We are choosing a Family forlife for our Puppies and will not accept anything less than a perfect fit! 

Contact Details

Joanna Starling

0431 121-939

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Email: [email protected]

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